35 Best Small Business Ideas for Women Entrepreneurs in 2024

A large number of women entrepreneurs start businesses because they cannot find an opportunity to meet their financial needs. They are often in positions where they need to take on multiple roles and responsibilities in order to make ends meet.

This article will provide a list of the 35 best small business ideas for women entrepreneurs in 2024 that can help them achieve their dreams of owning a business.

What Are The Best Small Business Ideas?

There are many different ways to start a small business. If you are a woman entrepreneur, you can choose from a variety of ideas. Here are 35 of the best small business ideas for women entrepreneurs in 2024.

01. Start a Blog

Blogging is a great way to gain new customers and make money. There is a lot of potential in blogging, and there are many different ways to monetize your blog.

You can make money from your blog is by selling advertising space on the sidebar or at the top of your posts. You can also sell ad space in a different area of your website.

The more readers you have, the higher chance there is that someone will click through to read an advertisement and purchase something online.

If you have a lot of traffic coming into your site, then sign up for Google AdSense to place ads on their search results pages and other places around their websites like YouTube videos and images.

02. Start a Small Business Consulting Firm

Starting your own consulting business is another excellent way to make money. Clients will pay you for advice regarding their particular needs when you are in the consultation field.

You can use this money to invest in equipment and office space that will help promote your brand as an expert consultant.

This type of business offers many benefits, including flexible hours and working from home opportunities when needed or desired. Some people enjoy hands-on work, so they start businesses like this one because it allows them to do what they love while also making a good income at the same time.

03. Become a Freelance Writer

If you are a writer or have the ability to write well, then this business is perfect for you. You can work as a freelance writer and offer services online. When you write for different companies, the money that comes in is paid by the job.

You can either do freelance writing on your own or work with a small business owner who has an online presence and wants to increase exposure through content creation.

04. Make Crafts Online

Another popular way to make money on the side is by making things like jewelry or other craft items. You can sell these products through websites such as Etsy, eBay, and Amazon.com’s marketplace.

Suppose you are skilled at creating unique designs for different types of merchandise. In that case, it could be a good idea to start your own business where you make everything from scratch with little need to hire help because most crafting businesses do not require much in terms of payroll expenses, if any at all!

05. Start a Small Business in Health Care or Medical Field

There is always a demand for services within the medical field, whether it be diagnosing diseases and giving advice on how best to treat them, providing surgery services, delivering healthcare products like pharmaceuticals, etc., offering massage therapy, home delivery service, etc., just name any healthcare service you wish to provide, then there would surely be a demand for it in the market.

All you need is to be very creative and innovative but also consistent so that people can trust you as an expert within your field of expertise, hence making them buy from your service.

06. Be Amazon FBA Reseller

You can sell a variety of products through Amazon.com’s FBA program, which is also known as “fulfilled by Amazon.” You will become an independent seller and ship your products directly to the customer from where they make their purchase or have them delivered at their homes.

You have the authority to decide on your own prices and shipping costs; you can also manage all customer accounts from a single dashboard. Being an Amazon FBA reseller means that you will be able to get access to their vast knowledge base as well as benefits like selling internationally, which is not possible if you sell through traditional retailers.

07. Start an e-Commerce Business

E-commerce is the selling of products and/or services online to customers. It has been growing over recent years as a way for people to purchase goods without having to go into stores physically. There are different ways that you can start an e-commerce business from home.

One way is to sell your existing products through online stores like eBay, Amazon, or Etsy and use this as a stepping stone into selling more expensive items that you produce yourself.

Another option is to start an online store from scratch by building an e-commerce website that helps customers buy products directly from the site instead of making them go elsewhere for their purchase.

08. Create Digital Products or Online Courses

There are many individuals who want to create digital products or online courses. You can make an entire course from scratch within your spare time and then sell it on platforms like Udemy, Skillshare, or Lynda.com for a profit in the form of affiliate commissions if you have experience teaching others about certain topics.

This is a good way to make money while working on your own products.

09. Become an Instagram Influencer

If you have a great sense of style or know how to market products, then becoming an influencer can be very lucrative. An individual who works from home and has a good camera will have access to high-quality images that are unique in the marketplace.

You sell your products on Instagram with special hashtags which let people know they can find what they want through your account, so it’s easier for them to buy items like clothing or accessories based on the pictures you take, especially if those clothes look amazing!

You can also get paid to help market products for other businesses. This can be a great way to start making money online.

10. Become an App Developer

You can create an app that helps to make money for you or your clients. This is a high-paying side hustle because you can make anywhere from $1,000 to $20,000 per month, depending on your skills and experience.

You won’t have to deal with the financial risk of making an app since it will be backed by investors or others willing to pay for your product, so you don’t need much capital to get started.

11. Create a YouTube Channel

If you have a good voice or knowledge of specific subjects, then creating your own YouTube channel can be very lucrative. You can make anywhere from $10,000 to over a million dollars per year! The possibilities for making money on YouTube are limited only by your creativity and imagination.

You can create your own channel and make money from the ads that appear on it, or you can partner with another channel to sell items for a share of the revenue, which is called affiliate marketing.

There are also other ways to monetize YouTube channels, such as creating thematic channels where you focus solely on making videos around specific subjects, like fashion, relationships, or entertainment.

12. Affiliate Marketing

This is where you promote brands, products, or services and receive a commission when someone buys the product. The brand can pay you to write reviews about their products, which will appear on your blog, social media channels, and websites.

The commission paid by the brand is typically anywhere from 5% to 10%. It’s a good idea only to promote products that you would use or be interested in yourself!

13. Become a Virtual Assistant

Become a virtual assistant, and you will create a business that works from home. You can set your own hours, work when it’s convenient for you and be the boss of your destiny! Virtual assistants typically earn $30 to $50 per hour or more, depending on their experience level.

They usually do light housekeeping duties such as answering emails, creating spreadsheets, organizing calendars, or filing paperwork. If you’re looking to build a business, this is the perfect way to do it.

14. Graphic Design Service

If you have a passion for graphic design, this is probably the best way to earn money at home. You can get creative and offer your services as an artist or designer on sites like Fiverr or 99Designs, where people are looking to hire designers.

Start by finding clients who will pay $5 – $10 per job, then build a portfolio of work that includes multiple projects with different designs and colors, which will help boost your rates when it comes time to bid on jobs.

If you’re really good at what you do and have the experience necessary, then charging $50 per hour is common!

15. Beauty industry

There are a number of beauty products that you can sell on your own website or social media channels. Some examples include body wash, lotion, massage oils, and other beauty items like makeup brushes, lipsticks, and nail polishes.

These make great gifts for friends as well as being something people use every day to help get their look together! You will typically earn anywhere from $5-$20 per item sold, which means you could potentially be making about $100 per month selling these at a retail price out of pocket costs. Amazon has an excellent market for these as well.

16. Wedding photographer

It doesn’t matter if you’re a first-time photographer or not. There are plenty of brides and other wedding-related events that need your services. Getting paid to take photos is another great way to make extra money at home.

If you have the experience to shoot portraits from multiple angles, this could be the perfect job for you! Some people also use their photography skills as a side business opportunity by creating marketing materials, including brochures, flyers, and postcards. They can sell online through websites like Etsy or Amazon’s FBA service or sell at craft fairs.

17. Digital Marketing Service

If you have the necessary knowledge about SEO and digital marketing, then consider using your skills to help others improve their online presence. You could work from home, set up a virtual assistant business, or simply build websites for clients as an on-demand service in order to boost your income.

Suppose you’re just starting out with this kind of thing. In that case, there are plenty of books that can teach you how along with more beginner resources like Udemy, which has thousands of courses available at all skill levels, including many focusing specifically on digital marketing topics!

There are so many different types of jobs like this that you can do from home. With the right amount of determination, passion, and hard work, you could be on your way to making some extra money!

18. Start a Dropshipping Business

Dropshipping is one of the most popular ways to make money online. The idea is that you’ll sell products online without having to ship them. By using dropshipping, your product can be completely digital, which allows for selling it directly through websites like Amazon or eBay.

If you’re new to this kind of thing, there are tons of resources that can teach you how, such as YouTube videos and online courses. The best part is that since dropshipping works so well, many other people have already done the work for us! We just need to put our product upon sale or provide some additional value in order for it to sell!

19. Social Media Manager

If you’re a big fan of social media and like to hang out online, then consider starting as a social media manager. Social Media managers will work with other influencers in an effort to get more followers, likes, and shares on their posts.

Depending on the company, they might need help creating content or using hashtags while also promoting their business through paid advertising campaigns.

This kind of job is perfect for those who love being around people all day long! It requires patience but can be very lucrative if done correctly!

20. Interior designer and decorator

Perhaps you have a knack for design, and that’s what makes you want to start your own business. If so, then interior designing is the perfect career choice! Your options are endless as you can create and design any type of space or room.

The best part is the fact that it’s a creative career! If you have an eye for everything, then this could be your dream job! You may need to get some training in order to work on projects, but overall, interior designers will earn great money.

It all depends on what services they provide and how much clients pay them for their designs, so make sure to research into this first before applying anywhere else.

If needed, there are tons of online courses available that can teach beginners about decorating techniques such as drafting, furniture, and lighting.

21. Market research service

If you are interested in statistics, data analysis, or anything to do with marketing, consider using your skills as a market research service.

Market Research firms will pay their clients for the various services that they provide, such as conducting surveys and sending out email campaigns.

This is one of those careers where it’s best if you’re already well-versed on what products sell better than others; otherwise, finding work can be difficult!

These companies hire individuals who are very passionate about accurately analyzing sales trends, so this could be great for someone who doesn’t mind working hard every day!

It all depends on how much a client pays them for their services, so make sure to check the going rate before applying anywhere.

22. Personal chef

If you have a passion for cooking and still want to earn great money without extreme knowledge in this area, consider being a personal chef.

Many people prefer to hire a personal chef rather than cook for themselves as it’s easier and quicker in the long run.

The best part about being a personal chef is deciding what foods you prepare for your clients and how many times they will be eating them.

You can make extra money by preparing breakfast, lunch, or dinner every single day!

23. Wedding planning

If you are interested in weddings, consider working as a wedding planner. Wedding planning is one of those industries that can be very lucrative due to the amount of money spent on them, especially if you want to plan your own special day!

All sorts of service providers are needed for these events, such as photographers, videographers, and florists.

Plus, there’s also all the food and flowers so it pays off many times over with how much work goes into planning a wedding!

Most people love doing this kind of job because they feel like they’re making their clients’ dreams come true.

24. Be a transcriptionist

Transcriptionists are the people who take recorded audio and write it out into written words in an official format. This can be done for legal purposes or simply because you’re passionate about this area of work!

If you really want to focus on your career, then being a transcriptionist is one way that will make sure everyone knows how talented and good (or bad) at taking notes you are.

Not only does it require excellent listening skills but also fast writing ability as well! It’s not uncommon to have several clients per week so if this sounds like something worth trying, go for it!!

25. Carpet cleaning business

Many people in today’s economy are looking to make extra money by doing something they love. Carpet cleaning is a perfect example of this as you get to spend your time on the job making some extra cash!

The best part about carpet cleaning is that it doesn’t take much training or experience and because there are so many different types of carpets out there, you can always find one that suits your personality and skills.

There are also endless possibilities for getting work once your startup with this sort of business – from residential homes to commercial establishments like stores and hotels…and even other places like offices!

26. Real estate broker

This is a job that will require you to have excellent negotiation skills and good communication. You’ll need both of these in order to be able to sell a property at best possible price while also being nice enough not to push anyone onto buying who doesn’t want it!

To become a successful real estate broker, you’ll need to have good relationships with your clients so that they trust and believe in you.

You should also be able to make them feel comfortable about their decision to buy or sell because this will ensure the best results!

27. Resume writing service

If you’re looking to start up a business, then resume writing is one of the best ways. There are so many different companies out there that offer this service, and it’s an excellent way to get yourself noticed by potential employers!

If you have great communication skills and can write resumes or cover letters quickly with good grammar, tone, and spelling, then why not try your hand at doing this for other people?

You’ll build experience along the way, which will help with getting interviewed in future jobs when needed!

28. Junk removal service

Junk removal is a well-known business, and it’s one that many people are looking to startup. If you’re willing to work hard and offer a great service at an affordable price, then this could be the perfect job for you!

You’ll need to make sure that all of your customers are pleased with how much they pay for their rubbish removal.

Always remember to put a smile on your face and always try to be friendly with all of your customers.

You’ll need the right equipment in order for this job as well: rollers, boxes, tape etc.! You can also learn how to use these while you’re working so that it’s not too hard to work!

29. Bookkeeping business

If you’re looking to start a new business, then bookkeeping is definitely one to consider. There are so many different ways of doing this, and all it takes is learning how something works!

You will need good computer skills as well as the ability to work quickly and accurately. You can also learn about tax law which will help with your future career in bookkeeping when you decide that this job isn’t for you anymore!

30. Fashion designer

Fashion is a popular topic, and you can always make some money by becoming a designer!

You’ll need to learn how clothes are made, where they’re from, and what materials go into them. You will also need the ability to be creative with your ideas because this industry is so competitive!

You’ll also need the right materials in order to make clothes. You can learn all of this while you’re working and then move on to new opportunities when they come.

31. Hairdresser business idea

There are so many different kinds of hairdressing businesses out there, but one that is particularly popular at the moment is a hair salon.

If you have very good customer service skills, it would be great if your customers enjoyed their time with you!

This could mean that most people will want to keep coming back for more than just haircuts or other regular treatments.

32. Start a pet business

There are so many different pet services out there, and you could choose to take part in any of these. You may choose to offer grooming, training, or even boarding!

There is a huge market for pets as people love them very much and wouldn’t mind spending money on their lives.

If this doesn’t sound like something that interests you, then maybe the following businesses would be more interesting: pet supply stores, dog walkers, or cat sitters!

You will need some space if your business idea involves animals because they can eat up quite a lot of room when being fed regularly too!

33. Start a landscaping business

There are many different kinds of landscaping businesses out there, and they all have their own unique clients.

People may want just to enjoy the beauty of a garden or even plant one themselves! You can start a landscaping business by offering garden maintenance, gardening, or even installing new plants!

If you have time to spare, then consider setting up an Instagram, Twitter, Facebook account and following some other similar businesses. This would help you learn how they work, which could be useful when it comes to your own personal branding later on.

You could also set yourself the goal of mimicking their success in order for people to know about your services!

34. Phone case business

You can start a phone case business by establishing yourself as the go-to person in your community when it comes to them. The idea is that you would design and create different types of cases for people who want to protect their phones.

It’s not all about designing, and there are also marketing skills involved! You will have to be able to market effectively and keep up with trends that continually require new features!

35. Buy and sell domain names

There are a lot of domain names out there which you can buy from websites that sell them. You could even start your own company if you chose to and sell them!

When starting this business, it’s always important to find the right name for it and have some idea about what your target market wants.

Research into the industry is essential in order to set yourself up as an expert on all things related!


Women entrepreneurs need to understand the business opportunities available to them. If you are a woman and want to start your own business, this post is for you!

We have put together a list of the best small business ideas for women entrepreneurs in 2024, but if you think we missed any great ones, please share them with us in the comments below.


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